Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Confluence of Eclectic Influences

ArtBrake! is honored to have among our artists, Dr. Richard (Dick) Seed.

The art of Dick Seed is a magical glimpse into the complexities of the man himself. 

Upon retirement, Dick transitioned from Scientist, Teacher, Professor, Researcher, School of Public Health Chair … 
to full time Artist. 

Using media ranging from pen and ink, watercolors, metal, and wood, Dick creates visual pictures of abstract themes. His unexpected art spans from to frolicking to reflective and wistful.

Initially interested in Cubism, his sight turned to interpretations of objects through the geometric form and structure of the triangle. He has thence been donned the father of the new art, “Trianglism.” 

Whether carved animals, fantasy beings, whimsical canes, intricate wood murals, or contemporary works from found objects, Dick’s genius shines through his artistic variations in all their forms. 

Make sure to allow yourself enough time to spend in his studio, laughing, touching, exploring and pondering the inspired diversity in his inventive world.

ArtBrake! 2015
  Save the Dates! 
April 25th and 26th

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Lush North Chatham County 
(South of Chapel Hill / Carrboro)
on Jones Ferry Road


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  1. Ohh I missed this art show! My father is a great artist, and I attend few art events with him and recently we attended an art show at gallery space for rent NYC. What a day it was, as me and my dad enjoyed the day fully.