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Wood Turning and Woodworking

Spalted Maple Bowl by Jeff Clark 
©Jeff Clark 2017
Jeff became interested in woodworking and wood turning about 35 years ago. After moving to NC onto a wooded lot 11 years ago, he built a 1500 square foot shop.  In completing the second floor office of the shop, he manufactured and put down a parquet style floor made from over a dozen woods. His older son, Jon, joined him in the woodworking business and handles the marketing and sales and is a fine woodworker in his own right.  
©Jon Clark 2017
Both have had some outstanding wood turner mentors over the years including Alan Leland, Bill Wallace, Michael Thompson and Jim Duxbury.  We have concentrated in the last few years to improve our skills with each new piece.  Selling in many different venues has also led us to realize what the purchaser of our wood pieces appreciates and how to better our design. Recently we have started to sell on-line through EBAY, ETSY and Facebook internet connections. 
Our primary goal is to use domestic hardwoods, along with eastern red cedar, in accent and contrasting colors to create beautiful and useful items. 
Video demonstration of wood turning with Jeff Clark

©Jeff Clark 2017
Woods include exotic varieties such as bubinga, padauk, mahogany, morado, tiger wood, purple heart, lacewood, wenge and many others and the domestic hardwoods such as ash, black walnut, oak, hackberry, hickory, poplar, cherry, ambrosia maple, sweet gum and sycamore.  
©Jon Clark 2017
We especially like to include woods that contain spalting, fine figuring, unusual
grain characteristics or wormholes which Jon fills with stone, resin or metal inlay.  Examples of such pieces are included our website and on the online sales venues. 
©Jeff Clark 2017

©Jon Clark 2017

We complete our wood works with various finishes to bring out the best in the woods.  For items that come in contact with food, we finish with salad bowl (General Finishes) or butcher block oil (Watco).  Other pieces, such as lamps, are finished with rub-on polyurethane.  Our shaving items are finished with a sanding sealer to help protect the wood from water.  To date, we have not used stains or dyes and let Mother Nature bring out the beauty of the wood with enhancement from the clear finish.  Pieces finished with the oils can be maintained by periodically re-finishing the wood with the oil after either light sanding (400 Grit) or steel wool (0000 grade) treatment.  None of our woodworks should ever go through the dishwasher.  For this reason, pizza cutters, bottle openers and ice cream scoops are constructed so that one may remove the metal tool from the wooden handle for easy cleaning.  It is recommended that food cutting be done on the back of the cutting board to preserve the top surface.  Lamps can be periodically re-finished with rub on polyurethane after steel wool treatment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through our JNCWOODWORKS website to find out more about your new wood product, buy our products or answer any other question you might have. 

Both Jon and Jeff belong to the Chatham County Artist Guild, and Jeff is also on the Board and is the Treasurer for this organization.

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