ArtBrake began in 2012 with 4 Chatham County- based studios, all centered around a local favorite, Frosty Trading Post, the little store at the big intersection of Chatham County.

It came about as a desire of two artists, Linda Anderson and Christie Minchew, to open their studios and welcome the public to see where and what they create.  This area being rich in creative talent, they also wanted to provide an opportunity to other Frosty-area artists who weren't well-established in other venues.

What did people like about ArtBrake that first year? At the top, among others, was that the studios are all found within close proximity in this pastoral county. Further, it’s an occasion to meet both established and emerging artists, with some work never seen in other venues. 

This year we are having everyone in one location with 12 artists total.  It’s the perfect way to spend a few hours and a short drive.

Artists include:
Linda Anderson: Painting and Sculpture
Regina Bridgman: Stained Glass
Jim Bridgman: Wood and found object jewelry
Jeff and Jon Clark: Woodturning
Louise Hobbs: Clay Sculpture
Al McCanless: Pottery and Banjos
Carol Kroll: Three-dimensional Mixed Media
Christie Minchew: Two- and three-dimensional Mixed Media and fiber
Chuck Minchew: Wood furniture and end-grain cutting boards
Dick Seed: Wood and Metal Murals and Whimsical Sculptures
The variety of art forms is broad and unusual in a group this small.  This year there are 6 galleries to visit so there is ample time to peruse art pieces on display, get inspired and meet each artist. And all of the studio spaces are delightful settings to visit and enjoy!

For more information, call 919-605-3372 or 919-360-0602.  Maps will be available at local shops and eateries.

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