Chuck Minchew

Wood Objects and Furnishings

End Grain Cutting Board in cherry, walnut, beech, and oak
 ©Charles Minchew 2017

End Grain Cutting Board ©Charles Minchew 2017
Chuck Minchew is a North Carolina native who left the small city (Wilson) for the big city (Raleigh) when he went off to college in 1970. Fast forward 30 years when the aging Chuck, then working for IBM in RTP, made a new-millennium resolution to begin accumulating wood working tools and take up where his 8th-grade Industrial Arts education left off.

Fascinated with the natural beauty of wood and its graceful grains, rich colors, and often striking contrasts, Chuck prefers simple joinery with a minimum of embellishment.
Coffee Table or Bench made of local walnut with metal base by Chuck's nephew, Kevin Johnson
©Charles Minchew 2015

©Charles Minchew 2015
Side Table, ambrosia maple

Lately Chuck has focused his artistic energies on creating uniquely decorative end-grain cutting boards.  Each board is individually designed to display the rich colors and markings of different varieties of woods.

End Grain Cutting Board in cherry and walnut
©Charles Minchew 2017

End Grain Cutting Board in oak, cherry, and maple
©Charles Minchew 2017

End Grain Cutting Board in local walnut
©Charles Minchew 2017

©Charles Minchew 2017
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Chuck currently lives in rural Chatham County with his wife and two dogs.

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