Monday, June 12, 2017

That's a wrap!

What a great ArtBrake! weekend it was.  Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the weekend with us.  And thanks to those who told others about us.  We do appreciate it.
The weather was perfect (at least in the shade), the art was plentiful and the people made the day.  Now, for a little down time ;).

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fiddlin' Al plays clay like a fiddle

Cups by Al McCanless
 Al McCanless, aka Fiddlin' Al due to his formidable stringed instrument playing, does much more than fiddle with clay. He is a master of glazes and forms.  
Vase by Al McCanless
Come out to ArtBrake! this weekend, June 10 an 11, and see what Al has fired up.  Need a map?  Or more information?  More photos and information on each of the artists are also on this website (see tabs above).
Vase by Al McCanless

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Art for every budget at ArtBrake!

Glass by Regina Bridgman, Vase by Al McCanless, Shaving set by Jon Clark, Wet felted wall hanging by Christie Minchew
ArtBrake! has not only a variety of artists but a variety of prices, too.  We welcome lookers, too (and that's free!). There is something for everyone.
See our Map and Info page for, well, map and info. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Walk down the garden path...

Murphy and Mabel have already enjoyed the art at Linda's studio Linda's studio. It reveals just a bit of her artistic talent.  Come take a short walk to see the beautiful art inside, and all around, Linda Anderson's studio.  
ArtBrake! is this weekend (yea!) at Bluebird Farm Studio, 360 Frosty Meadow Drive, 27312.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Hang on to your jaw!

Prepare to be amazed by Carol Kroll's handcrafted sculptures.
"Ancient Cultures" by Carol Kroll
Just when you think one of these is darned impressive, you take a closer look.
"Dreamtime" by Carol Kroll
The details are astounding. Carol's sense of design and her mastery of her materials... 
"Demeter" by Carol Kroll
combine to make these unique pieces 'new' every time one looks at them.
"Marshland" Lamp by Carol Kroll
These beautiful pieces and more of Carol's and 11 other artists' will be on sale at ArtBrake! this weekend from 10am to 5pm both days. For map and info, click here.  

Friday, June 2, 2017

The devil's in the details and so is Chuck!

End-grain cutting board by Chuck Minchew
Don't let Chuck's meticulously designed end-grain* cutting boards fool you; he'll tell you he is NOT a detail guy.  But, in spite of himself, he's managed to get hooked on putting together geometric designs with drop-dead gorgeous woods.
Chuck at the workbench
Chuck cuts the blocks out of a variety of woods, some local - elm, walnut, oak, cherry, maple, and beech.  Made up of different sized blocks, the designs take advantage of the beauty of the wood grain.
End-grain cutting board by Chuck Minchew
Use them for cutting, for serving or just for display.
End-grain cutting board by Chuck Minchew
They are finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax, have feet on the underneath and can be wired for hanging.
End-grain cutting board by Chuck Minchew

* End-Grain refers to the grain of the wood one sees at the end of a board (where you can see the evidence of rings). This is as opposed to the 'regular' (face) grain that one normally sees in cutting boards.
Come by and see all of the ArtBrake! artists on June 10 and 11.  You'll be rewarded!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Linda Anderson: Painting from her heart

One thing about Linda Anderson: she feels every bit of what she paints. It could be the cat she saw in the bookstore in Chapel Hill...
Elmo by Linda Anderson
or a scene from a beach trip.
Man and Dog by Linda Anderson

Her inspiration is varied but includes a healthy dose of nostalgia...
Hatheads by Linda Anderson
And her portraits of pets are a treasure.
Murphy by Linda Anderson
Her paintings are a special treat, so...
(title unknown) by Linda Anderson
What's on the easel at Linda's...
come see Linda at her studio with eleven other artists for ArtBrake! on June 10 and 11. For more info, click here.